What Are the Black Streaks on My Roof?

What Are the Black Streaks on My Roof?

Have black streaks ever appeared on your roof? This is a common occurrence, and although it detracts from your curb appeal, it’s not always a destructive force. As long as you take action early enough, you can avoid roof damage.

Where Do Those Black Streaks Come From?

The discoloration results from the sun changing position and leaving the roof in shadows for a portion of each day. As the temperature cools and condensation forms, the moisture will lead to algae growth. The black streaks result from that algae growth.

Is Algae Dangerous to Your Roof?

By itself, roof algae isn’t harmful. It might look unsightly, but it won’t damage the shingles. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cleared away. Over time, the algae will dry out the granules of the shingles, negating the roof’s UV-protective nature.

When combined with fungus, algae will form lichen. Lichen thrives by consuming algae and will erode the roofing materials. To avoid this, a prompt removal of the algae is recommended. 

Get Professional Help to Remove Algae

It’s unsafe to pressure wash the roof without the proper training and equipment.  

The best alternative is to hire a professional roof-cleaning service with experience cleaning algae from residential roofs.

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