Damages that Can Be Caused from Pressure Washing Your Roof

Damages that Can Be Caused from Pressure Washing Your Roof

Your roof is a crucial and often underestimated part of your home, and you’ll want it to last as long as possible. When it comes to maintaining its beauty and durability, you’ll want to avoid using a pressure washer. Pressure washing your roof causes potential damage that will cost a significant amount to repair.

Blasting away the dirt and debris will give your home more curb appeal, but using a pressure washer on your roof is not a good idea.  

Damage to Shingles 

Pressure washers have a low setting, but it’s still pretty intense. It provides even more power than heavy rainfall! Too much pressure will tear protective granules off asphalt shingles. Even at a pressure washer’s lowest setting, it supplies too much power and could damage your shingles.    


Any repeated pressure on your roof can lead to a leak, causing a stream of water to enter your home. Tiles may shift, and caulking may tear, contributing to the leak and shortening your roof’s lifespan. 

Removing Paint from Your Gutters 

Your goal is removing dirt from your roof, but your gutters may get caught in the crossfire, losing their paint. Even if the paint is new, pressure washing could strip or chip the coating, leaving unsightly bare spots behind. 

Voiding the Warranty 

While this isn’t immediate damage to your roof, it could cause problems for you in the future. The stream of water may cause irreparable damage to your roof. Any warranty may be voided, and you’ll be responsible for covering the repair cost.  

Cleaning with Care

Having a clean roof can contribute to your home’s curb appeal, but it’s crucial to do it properly. Hire a professional company like Chesapeake Property Services to clean your roof safely. Contact us today by calling 410-661-4235, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate!