Pressure Washing Myths Debunked

Pressure Washing Myths Debunked

You can use pressure washing services to spruce up the exterior of your home or commercial building in a number of different ways. However, common myths prevent many property owners from taking full advantage of this resource in Maryland. 

Separating the facts from the fallacies can help you make better use of pressure washing to make your property shine.  

Myth 1: Pressure Washing Will Damage Your Surfaces

Many homeowners don’t opt for pressure washing because of the myth that it will damage a home’s surfaces. While someone who doesn’t regularly work with pressure washing equipment can cause damage, experienced professionals know how to adjust the settings of any equipment to treat every surface safely. 

They can also determine which method will best clean a surface without damaging it, from power washing to soft washing

Myth 2: Pressure Washing Will Kill Your Plants

You may be wary of pressure washing because you have delicate plants near your building or home. But trained professionals know how to use pressure washing equipment when working near plants and flowers. 

They can adjust the pressure setting to ensure fragile plants won’t suffer harm. Additionally, pressure washing is a non-toxic and eco-friendly solution.

Myth 3: You Only Need Pressure Washing When Grime Is Visible

Many homeowners put off pressure washing until their home’s siding, deck, or patio looks noticeably dirty. While dirt and grime are telltale signs that you need professional cleaning, you shouldn’t wait until your surfaces reach this point. 

Annual pressure washing prevents this buildup of grime while eliminating common contaminants, such as oil, grease, and soot.

Myth 4: Pressure Washing Is Only Good for Large Jobs

There’s no job too small for professional pressure washing. Even if you just need cleaning for a small deck or walkway, pressure washing can protect your home’s surfaces and help ensure they last as long as possible. You will also save the time and labor involved in cleaning those surfaces by hand.

Keep Your Property Fresh and Well-Maintained

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