Uncovering the Hidden Dangers of Dirty Roofs & Gutters

Uncovering the Hidden Dangers of Dirty Roofs & Gutters

It’s easy to neglect your roof and gutters. Unless you notice a roof leak or see rainwater flowing over the sides of your gutters, you might think everything is fine. In truth, failing to schedule regular roof and gutter cleaning can lead to a whole host of home maintenance issues. 

Take a closer look at the potential dangers dirty roofs and gutters can hide in Maryland and how routine cleaning can help you sidestep many of these problems. 

Roof Damage

The leaves, tree branches, and litter that accumulate on your roof will eventually pile up and create a moisture barrier. If you have ever cleaned damp leaves from your driveway, you know how much moisture can collect beneath this debris. 

On your roof, that moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth. Before long, you’ll need to replace eroded and useless parts of your roof.

Pest Infestations

You can never overstate the importance of gutter cleaning. Rodents and insects will use the debris that collects on your roof as nesting material. They may carry that debris into your attic, or they might build their nests in your gutters. You can avoid these situations by removing that debris with regular gutter cleaning.

Foundation Erosion

As your gutters accumulate debris, blockages can force rainwater to flow over the sides of the gutters. The water will pool on the ground near your foundation. That excess water will erode your foundation directly. 

In addition, the soil will absorb the water and expand. This expansion puts more pressure on your foundation, causing your basement walls to bow and crack. 

Is It Time to Clean Your Roof and Gutters?

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