Things You Should Do Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Things You Should Do Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

There’s more to painting your home’s exterior than laying down a new layer of color. Preparing it before a brush contacts the surface is the secret to a successful paint job. Although your professional painters will do most of the work, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best results. 

Choose Your Colors

The color scheme you choose is a crucial first step. If you’re unsatisfied with the colors from the beginning, you won’t be pleased with the results. When looking through color ideas, put your color options into the following categories: 

  • Field color: the bulk of the exterior wall 
  • Accent color: it makes the details stand out 
  • Trim color: ties the design together 

A seasoned professional painter can provide a color consultation if you need help deciding what works best for your home.

Finish Repairs or Upgrades 

Depending on the condition of your exterior surfaces, you may need to have some repairs or upgrades completed. These could include:

  • Replacing gutters
  • Removing rot
  • Sealing cracks and holes 
  • Repairing wood siding
  • Repairing water damage 

Your newly painted surfaces will look their best when they are in tip-top shape. Give yourself plenty of time before painting day to complete any projects.

Pre-Prep the Surfaces 

A knowledgeable painter will prep the surfaces before applying the first coat of paint. However, you can help by preparing your home’s exterior. Some necessary steps you can do include: 

It’s best to hire a professional to use the pressure washer to prevent damage to your home. But it’s still an important prep step before your painters arrive.   

Let Professional Painters Handle the Rest 

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