5 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

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Your dryer vents will become clogged with lint and debris over time. While it might not seem like a dirty dryer vent is causing a problem, it can adversely affect your energy efficiency, safety, and indoor air quality. An experienced professional will have the proper tools and skills to thoroughly clean your dryer vent, but you’ll have to know when to schedule this service.

1. Clean Clothes Have a Musty Odor

Just as air duct cleaning is essential for good air quality, regular dryer vent cleaning ensures your clothes are dry and free from contaminants. As the vent becomes clogged, the dryer will lose efficiency and dry your laundry less efficiently. This leads to damp clothes that smell musty. 

2. The Dryer Emits a Burning Odor

As lint collects in the exhaust hose and dryer vent, it will back up and enter several components in the dryer. When lint comes into contact with the heat source, it may ignite and burn during the drying process. Continuing to use your dryer in this situation without vent cleaning can ultimately lead to a house fire.

3. Lint Clings to Your Clothes

When lint can no longer travel through the exhaust hose and the dryer vent, it will remain in the clothing chamber. Even when you clean the lint trap, you might find that lint keeps clinging to your dry clothes. The presence of lint suggests that you have a blocked dryer vent.

4. It’s Hot in Your Laundry Room

A blocked dryer vent will keep hot air from escaping through the exhaust hose. That air will still need someplace to go, so it will get pushed back into your laundry room. If the area surrounding your dryer seems hotter than normal, schedule a dryer vent inspection.

5. Lint Is Blocking the Vent Hood

The easiest way to tell that you need dryer vent cleaning is to look at the vent hood outside your home. If the hood appears dirty or covered with lint, it won’t be long before you start experiencing other signs of a dirty dryer vent. Schedule service right away.

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