The Risks of DIY Power Washing

The Risks of DIY Power Washing

You need to clean your property, and nothing but power washing will do. It’s a task that many people are confident they can do themselves — after all, it’s no more complicated than operating a hose, right?

The reality is that the hidden dangers of power washing can make a bad situation worse. Here’s why you should leave the power washing to the pros.

Property Damage

The idea that they might accidentally destroy some part of their property isn’t something many property owners have in mind when they attempt a DIY power wash. 

These extremely strong jets can cause severe damage if they’re in the wrong hands. The forceful stream of water can crack windows, dislodge siding or tiles, and even cause physical injury. The money you save isn’t worth the risk of doubling your costs by having to fix unexpected damage.

Inadequate Cleaning

DIY cleaning will never be as efficient as power washing done by an expert. Professionals know the most effective techniques, the best chemicals for each job, and the subtle ways to get surfaces impeccably clean.

When you start to tally up the quality of your cleaning with how much time you lose and how frequently you need DIY cleanings, there’s little benefit to going it alone.


A power washer isn’t your run-of-the-mill garden hose. The water it emits is under immense pressure, which is why it’s so effective for cleaning hard-to-remove stains. But that also means inexperienced handlers can seriously hurt themselves or others if they don’t know how to operate the washer correctly.

Don’t Risk It: Get Help from Chesapeake Property Services

Don’t just mitigate the hazards mentioned here — eliminate them by calling for professional help.

Let Chesapeake Property Services take care of the risky business of power washing for you. Call us today at (410) 661-4235 to schedule a visit from one of our experienced team members.