Why Your Roof Needs to Be Cleaned

Why Your Roof Needs to Be Cleaned

It’s recommended that homeowners invest in having their property’s roof cleaned at least once a year. While the advice is sound, many people wonder whether it’s necessary.

The short answer is yes! Overlooking this important property maintenance step can come with some serious, if not costly, consequences. The following are just a few reasons why your roof needs to be cleaned annually.

Cleaning Extends the Life of Shingles

The shingles that cover the roof play an important role in the entire structure’s integrity. Over time, it’s natural for moss and algae to build up on shingles.

Scheduling a regular roof cleaning removes this type of build-up before it can become a problem. It’s much more cost-effective to have a roof cleaned than it is to replace shingles lost to moss damage.

The Cleaning Process Removes Added Weight

While the roof is designed to keep the weather out, every roof also comes with a weight limit. Having a roof cleaned regularly ensures that build-up won’t add to the weight of the roof when excessive snow or rain falls.

Cleaning Keeps Wildlife Out

An annual roof cleaning is an opportunity to scan the roof for weak spots or damage. These areas are often invitations for wildlife to make their way into an attic. The cleaning process not only keeps a roof in prime condition but also keeps wildlife out of your home!

It Can Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Protecting a home’s foundation by cleaning the roof may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. This is because gutter cleaning is an integral part of the roof cleaning process, too!

Keeping gutters clear year-round ensures that water won’t overflow and damage the sides of a home. Without proper gutter cleaning, water that overflows eventually seeps into a property’s perimeter and can cause structural damage to the foundation.

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