What Are Gutter Strainers?

What Are Gutter Strainers?

Gutter strainers are devices that are installed in gutters to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging them. They work by allowing water to flow through the gutter while trapping leaves and other debris on the outside. This prevents the leaves from decaying and causing rust.

Not only will this keep your gutters clear, but it will also help prevent rust by keeping moisture from sitting in the gutters. 

Furthermore, it will also save you money by preventing the need for gutter repairs. Here’s everything you need to know about gutter strainers.

Types of Gutter Strainers

There are two basic types of gutter strainers: those that are fixed on the inside and those that are installed on the outside of the gutter.

Inside strainers are usually made of plastic or metal and fit snugly inside the gutter. They typically have small holes that allow water to pass through but keep leaves and other debris out.

Outside strainers are installed outside the gutter and are usually made of metal. They have larger holes that allow water to pass through but may also let some leaves and debris in.

The type of gutter strainer you choose depends on your needs and preferences. Besides the two main types, there are also several different styles to choose from.

If you are in an area with many trees, you may want to select an inside strainer to keep leaves from clogging your gutters. 

On the other hand, an outside strainer may be sufficient if you don’t have many trees around your home.

Our Experts Can Help

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