The Importance of Pressure Washing the Pool Deck

The Importance of Pressure Washing the Pool Deck

Why is pressure washing your pool deck necessary? Check out the reasons below to find out! 

Safety First

Pool decks are notoriously slippery surfaces. Many factors contribute to this, such as mold, chlorine, algae, and other chemicals that can mix together. 

Slipping on a pool deck can be an enormous liability and cause someone severe harm. Power washing blasts any potential slippery substances off, making it safer for everyone!

Visual Appeal

In addition to a dirty pool deck being hazardous, it is also an eye sore. Pressure washing keeps your deck looking its best and is essential in maintaining your home’s curb appeal!

A Healthier Deck

The water splashing onto your pool deck can cause mold or algae buildup, but that isn’t just a problem for the safety of you or your guests. It can also affect the materials that make up your pool deck. These organic growths can eat away at wood or concrete around your pool, decreasing the lifespan and potentially causing damage. 

Regularly scheduled power washing can eliminate these threats and keep the space nice and clean.

Pool Power Washing From Chesapeake Property Services

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