How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?
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Like most individuals, you probably clean the lint trap in your dryer fairly often, but when was the last time that you cleaned your dryer vents? Just like the lint trap, your dryer vent is susceptible to dust and debris buildup that will eventually clog the vent and could pose a serious fire hazard.

According to the leading dryer manufacturers, it is recommended that you clean your dryer vents at least once per year. However, there are multiple factors that may require more frequent cleaning. 

1. Family Size

A larger family generally does more loads of laundry than a smaller family. The more that you use your dryer, the more dust and debris travels through your vents, so they’ll need to be cleaned more often.

2. Pets

There’s no way around it: pets shed a lot. Even if you genuinely make attempts to remove pet hair, it will still end up on your clothes and ultimately in your dryer vents. Pet hair can quickly accumulate and is a common cause of dryer vent clogs. If you have pets, you’ll likely need to clean your dryer vents at least a couple of times a year.

3. Type of Laundry

Different types of laundry produce varying levels of lint. For example, spandex is relatively lint resistant, meanwhile, blankets and cotton clothing produce much more. If you are frequently drying bulky loads of laundry, you’ll inevitably need to clean your vents more often.

4. Age of Dryer

Newer dryers are more effective at safely removing lint from your dryer, and they tend to experience less buildup than old dryers. Some newer dryers even have built-in sophisticated sensors that will alert you to a clog.

If you want to make sure your vents are thoroughly cleaned, you need a professional vent cleaning service. For the most thorough vent cleaning service around, call Chesapeake Property Services at (410) 661-4235.