How Dirt Gets Into Your Gutters

How Dirt Gets Into Your Gutters

Everyone’s gutters get dirty from time to time. But what causes so much buildup? Let’s break it down. 


Animals and pests use the space as shelter or temporary housing. Even if they vacate, leaves, twigs, dirt, and even trash are oftentimes left behind. 


Wind gusts from storms can whip up dirt and dust. Storms also bring a lot of rain that can dislodge dirt from the roof and leave it to settle in the gutter. 

Stronger storms will draw dirt and debris from virtually anywhere, so even if the roof or yard is clean and trimmed, dirt from surrounding areas can find its way in.


Trees and other plants accumulate a range from tiny seeds to large branches in the gutters. While this is unavoidable, scheduling routine cleaning and repairs helps keep the problems they cause at bay. If these materials clog the gutter long enough, moss and algae will grow and make the issue worse.


One of the most common sources of dirt in gutters is debris from the roof. Roofing material will slowly break into tiny bits of debris and find their way into gutter systems over time. It’s another unavoidable part of homeownership, but can be mitigated with proper gutter maintenance.

Let the Pros Deal with Dirt

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