Are Dirty Air Ducts Affecting My Allergies?

Are Dirty Air Ducts Affecting My Allergies?

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. With over 50 million Americans suffering from those pesky annual sneezes, scratchy throats, watery eyes, and runny noses, many homeowners desperately search for remedies year in and year out to no avail. 

What is the surprising culprit behind many people’s allergies? Their HVAC system! That’s right — put down the nasal spray and throw away your box of tissues because the secret to correcting your allergies may lie in those dirty air ducts. 

How Your HVAC Affects Allergies 

Believe it or not, your air conditioner affects your indoor air more than you think. 

Over the years, dust, pollutants, and allergens in your home are swept up by your AC or heater and are then trapped in your HVAC filters and air vents. 

However, if homeowners don’t schedule routine HVAC maintenance to clean out those air ducts, all of that dirt builds up and often gets redistributed into your home’s air. 

Sometimes air ducts get so caked with dirt that mold growth can sprout. This means that in addition to pollens, dust, and allergens, mold spores can float around your home, too. And as any allergy-sufferer knows, mold spores only cause more damage to your respiratory system, heightening your allergies and irritating your throat, nose, and eyes. 

Are you worried that your air ducts are dirty? Contact our professional air duct cleaners to clean out those air ducts and make your indoor air clean again. 

Need HVAC Repair? Call Chesapeake Property Services! 

If you’ve noticed your allergies are getting worse, there might be a simple solution! Instead of reaching for quick fixes like allergy pills, consider your home’s air filter and air duct system instead. 

For long-lasting results, you can count on getting your air ducts cleaned today. Call Chesapeake Property Services at (410) 661-4235 to schedule your HVAC appointment!