5 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

5 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

1. Protect Your Foundation

Water has to go somewhere. When the gutters are clogged, the water pools around the home, threatening the foundation. It can worsen in winter with fluctuating temperatures and melting snow, so take care of it while you can.

2. Fix Any Damage Before Winter

Cleaning the gutters can help diagnose problems before it’s too late. Professional cleaners can quickly determine current or potential gutter problems and provide a solution.

3. Clear Out Debris for Healthy Gutters

Debris such as leaves, dirt, and other bits attract all kinds of critters that aren’t good for the gutters. As the temperatures drop, they’ll search for places to nest or keep themselves warm, resulting in settling in the gutter system. 

4. Prevent Water Damage  

Water damage isn’t just an issue for the foundation — it also impacts the roof and sometimes the home’s interior. The water from overflowing gutters seeps into cracks and can cause issues like mold growth or damage to belongings.

5. Avoid Broken Gutters

Ice and snow can weigh the gutter system down. Once they’ve hit a certain point, they break. Save yourself the money on installing new gutters by getting them cleaned now.

Finish Your Fall To-Do List With the Experts

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