Why You Need Gutter Guards

Why You Need Gutter Guards

Gutters are natural catchalls for all kinds of debris. A small build-up could eventually turn into a collection of sludge that renders your gutters ineffective if you’re not careful. 

Fortunately, gutter guards provide a simple and efficient remedy for this all-too-common problem. If you still aren’t sure why you need gutter guards, read on.

Prevent Blockages

Gutter guards are an efficient way to ensure that your gutters are kept free from blockages. If the debris in your gutter goes unchecked for too long, your gutters will eventually overflow. This can result in water leakage and even damage the foundation of your home. 

Prevent Freezing

If you live in an area where cold weather is prevalent and your gutters get blocked and full of water, chances are the water will freeze and cause further damage, weighing down your gutters over time. A gutter guard will reduce the chances of this happening by preventing the accumulation of debris that leads to water build-up.

Avoid Animal Infestations

Whether you like it or not, your gutters could become a home to all kinds of animals. Everything from insects to mice and other rodents would be happy to partake of the water in an unprotected gutter. Gutter guards can minimize the chances of an infestation and stop your gutter from becoming a haven for rodents, birds, and insects.

Save Money

All of the problems listed above can result in costly repairs. This is a shame because the solution is such a simple one! While some small particles of debris will inevitably make it past the gutter guards, your gutters will be much easier to clean than they would if they were unprotected. 

Gutter guards can also save you time by reducing how often you will need to clean your gutters each year.

Ready to explore the benefits of gutter guards? If you have questions about protecting your home, contact the team at Chesapeake Property Services today.