How To Prepare Your Gutters for the Rainy Season

How To Prepare Your Gutters for the Rainy Season

Rain. It’s nice to see outside your window, but if you aren’t properly prepared, all it takes is one storm to wreak havoc on your landscaping and the foundation of your home. You can keep this from happening by ensuring your gutters are clean and maintained before the rain hits.

Goop and Gunk

It’s gross. That’s undeniable, but ignoring the months of debris that builds up in the average gutter system doesn’t make it go away. It’ll only grow, causing any rainwater to pool up and out of control.

You wouldn’t ignore any other clog in your house, so don’t ignore the ones that may build up in your gutters. All it takes is a ladder, some gloves, and something akin to a narrow garden trowel.

The easiest condition to work in would be a clear day after recent rain. The goal is for the clogs to be damp enough to work with, not too wet or dry. You can work away from the drain, eventually using a hose to spill out the rest of the dirt and leaves.

Check for Damage

While you’re up there, it’s a good chance to check the structure of your gutter system. You want to look for any potential cracks or leaks in the seams while also making sure that the system as a whole is still securely attached to the roof.

If you find some damage, don’t worry. That’s inevitable. You can tighten loose screws and apply fresh caulk, and with the right equipment, you can even replace any rivets that may have dropped or loosened. But that’s a considerable project, and if it’s not in your wheelhouse, it’s perfectly reasonable to call for outside help.

Call for Help

Take a look at your gutter system. Is it more rust than paint? Does it sag a little, or perhaps so considerably that you’re surprised you haven’t noticed it before? Whether you need a big replacement or several smaller repairs that you just aren’t equipped to do yourself, it might be time to call a professional.

Even just scheduling a consultation—most companies do them for free—can do wonders in letting you know the state of your gutters and what you need to do to get them ready for the upcoming rains.