How to Properly Inspect Your Gutters

How to Properly Inspect Your Gutters

While it’s always best to have professionals inspect and clean your gutters, it can be helpful to know what goes into a full and complete gutter inspection. Gutter inspections let homeowners address problems quickly, which means that you can save money on repairs and replacements, all while protecting the rest of your roof from water damage.

A Plan to Work Safely

Having the proper tools can make all the difference to a safe and thorough gutter inspection. This starts with a ladder that’s sturdy and tall enough to provide a good view of the gutter system. Protective gloves are also important to protect the skin from cuts and scrapes from the metal gutters and any buildup inside of them.

Clearing Out the Gutters

During a gutter inspection, professionals will move along each side of your home and pull weed, sticks, leaves, and other clumps of debris out. If any dirt remains in the trough, it will often be flushed out with a garden hose. 

Before flushing your gutters, it’s important to check the downspout. Some homes have downspouts that connect to underground pipes. Disconnecting this pipe will allow professionals to ensure that water is flowing freely from the downspout. If it isn’t, they can reach into the opening and pull out any clumps of dirt or debris that are found.

Examine Spikes and Hangers

Standing water in the gutters can be a sign that spikes and hangers are loose or improperly attached. Pools of water can also indicate an insufficient slope.

Next, an inspector will look for places where the gutter has pulled away from the wall of your home. If this is the case, a professional contractor can work to reattach the gutters with new hangers.

Look for Holes and Leaks

As water goes through your gutter system, watch for leaks around the sleeves and joints. A water leak in any of these areas suggests that you need to have a new sealant applied. If you discover holes in your gutters, those segments may need to be replaced. Multiple leaks and holes in your gutters indicate a need to replace the entire gutter system.

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