Why Is Cleaning Your Gutters Important in the Spring?

Why Is Cleaning Your Gutters Important in the Spring?

Springtime is a wonderful season. The short, cold days of winter give way to the longer, warmer days of spring and summer. The warmer weather might turn your thoughts to home maintenance tasks that care for your home’s exterior. Gutter cleaning is an important but often overlooked task.

Protect Your Home with Clean Gutters

Your gutter system is designed to collect rainwater or water from melting ice and snow and carry it away from your home’s foundation through downspouts. If your gutters or downspouts are clogged, you may end up with water in places where you don’t want it. Too much water near your home’s foundation can be destructive.

Water pooling around the foundation of your home can lead to soil erosion. This can cause cracks in your foundation and potential issues with settling. In addition, if your home has a basement, standing water around your home’s outside exterior can eventually seep into the walls and result in mildew or mold.

Other Benefits of Clean Gutters

Your home’s foundation and basement are not the only areas at risk if your gutters are not properly maintained. Cleaning your gutters in the spring can also help:

  • Protect your roof
  • Prevent flooding in your garden
  • Prevent erosion of paved areas
  • Avoid damage to your home’s exterior surfaces
  • Keep pests away

Cleaning your gutters can be a dirty and dangerous job. The numerous benefits that come with clean gutters make it an important home maintenance task.

Let Us Clean Your Gutters for You!

Since cleaning your gutters can be grimy and time-consuming, let us tackle this job for you! Call Chesapeake Property Services at (410) 661-4235 today and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your gutter system is ready for the spring!