What Can Be Removed With Power Washing?

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If you haven’t used professional pressure washing services in the past, you might not realize how effectively the process removes tough stains. 

In fact, there are several types of substances that pressure washing can remove without damaging the underlying surfaces. Making use of this process can restore the fresh and clean appearance of your home. 

Calcium and Lime

Sediment deposits will form on outdoor plumbing fixtures, such as exterior water faucets and swimming pool equipment. These deposits appear light green or white and have a chalky texture. The best way to remove these deposits before they cause plumbing issues is with expert pressure washing.

Mold and Mildew

Although fungi will usually grow on wood, drywall, and other organic materials, these substances can also grow on concrete and glass. No matter where you see mold and mildew growth on your property, prompt removal is essential. 

Allowing mold and mildew to grow can lead to health hazards and extensive property damage. Thorough pressure washing is the first step in the removal process.

Oil and Grease

Common pressure washing myths scare homeowners when it comes to removing these stains from sidewalks and driveways. However, pressure washing is the most effective method for getting rid of grease or oil stains. A professional pressure washer will use a degreaser in combination with pressurized water to thoroughly rinse these stains away.

Rust and Chipped Paint

Your old patio furniture might not need replacing if the items still feel sturdy and useful. Pressure washing will rinse away the rust and loose paint on these items. Once this process is complete, you can sand and paint them to restore their beauty.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Expert Pressure Washing

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