Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Moss and Algae Growth on Your Roof

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Moss and algae are two distinct types of growth, but each can cause considerable damage to your roof. Both types can occur with cooling temperatures, increased moisture, and reduced sunlight exposure. 

When moss and algae grow on your roof, it can not only impact the overall aesthetic of your home, but also its health. Here is why it’s important not to ignore the growth of algae or moss in Maryland. 

Recognizing the Difference Between Moss and Algae

Moss and algae will damage your roof in different ways. Moss is a type of plant that will grow in round mounds on top of organic roofing materials. As the plant grows, the mounds will get larger and rounder. When there’s sufficient moisture in the air, moss will look green. As the air gets hotter and drier, the moss will turn greenish-brown.

Algae is an organism that grows on organic surfaces and spreads through airborne spores. It can appear as blue, green, or gray. It can be difficult to see on a roof since it grows flat on the surface of the shingles. Look for vertical streaks of discoloration on your roof.

The Dangers of Algae and Moss

While algae won’t directly damage your roof, it can affect your home’s energy efficiency. Algae creates a coating over your roof that inhibits the ability of your home to reflect sunlight. As a result, your home might feel hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

Moss can be a more direct hazard to your roof. This is because it can uproot your roof’s shingles. Once a mound of moss lifts the shingles, moisture can get into the underlying roofing materials and erode the supporting structure. 

Prevent Moss and Algae Growth

You can keep either type of growth from adversely affecting your roof with consistent maintenance. Keep trees trimmed to improve sunlight exposure. 

A dirty roof is a roof at risk. Regular roof cleaning provided by a professional service can remove debris, making algae and moss growth far less likely. 

Is It Time to Schedule Roof Cleaning?

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