How to Prepare Gutters for Summer Storms

How to Prepare Gutters for Summer Storms

When summer approaches, you have to fortify your home against storms that can ravage your house’s structure and roof. The best way to protect your roof against powerful storms is to prepare your gutters to handle the oncoming torrential downpour. 

Gutters are vital to your home’s ability to handle those intense Baltimore summer storms. Without a way for the water to exit your roof, moisture and water will overwhelm your home, destroying shingles, seeping into your attic, and even threatening your roof and home’s foundation. 

Don’t get stuck with a wet mess on your roof! Instead, plan ahead to make sure your gutters are up to handling those summer storms. 

How do you prepare your gutters for summer storms? Read on to find out! 

How to Prepare Your Gutters

The best way to prepare your gutters against powerful summer storms is to clean them of the debris accumulated over the past year. The cleaner your gutters are, the easier water will be able to funnel through and move off your roof.

Consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning service to remove leaf buildup, clean clogs, and eliminate pesky debris. 

Another way to prepare your gutters is to repair any loose nails or shoddy pipes before the summer season. If your gutters aren’t fully functioning, they’ll drip water onto other parts of your roof and be less effective in funneling water away from insecure places on your roof. 

When you call a professional gutter cleaner, make sure they inspect and repair any gutter damages. 

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