How Often Should I Have My Home Pressure Washed?

How Often Should I Have My Home Pressure Washed?
Cleaning service washing building facade with pressure water. Cleaning dirty wall with high pressure water jet. Power washing the wall. Cleaning the facade of the house. Before and after washing

House washing is a process that uses a soft-powered stream of water to achieve a deep clean on a surface. This type of cleaning takes much of the time and inconvenience out of washing the outer surfaces of your home.

Because of the water pressure of this type of cleaning, you might wonder when and how often you should have your home pressure washed.

The Best Times To Have Your Home Pressure Washed

The best time to have the dirt and grime cleaned from the outside of your home is on a sunny day. When the sun is out, the sides of your home will dry quickly after the cleaning.

Some homeowners have their homes cleaned when the seasons change. This allows you to have a fresh start and prepare for the next season with a clean home.

How Often Should You Have Your Home Pressure Washed?

There is no single answer to the question of how often your home should be pressure washed. Typically, you will be able to see when dirt and grime have built up on the sides of your home.

If you believe that your home needs to be washed, run your finger or a white cloth along some of the siding. If you discover the presence of dirt, it is time to contact Chesapeake Property Services!

Some homeowners prefer not to wait until their home looks dirty to schedule a pressure wash. If that sounds like you, schedule a cleaning every twelve months to ensure that your house always has plenty of curb appeal.

Other Tips for Determining When To Have Your Home Washed

Some homes get dirtier more quickly than others. If you live near a dirt or gravel road, your house may need to be pressure washed every three to four months.

If your house is surrounded by trees, sap can accumulate on your siding or roof. This may mean that you need more frequent pressure washing.

Ultimately, how often you have your home pressure washed depends on several factors. Pressure washing is a cost-effective and reliable way to keep your home looking fantastic. When you need pressure washing services, contact Chesapeake Property Services right away!