Can I Have My Brick Home Pressured Washed?

Can I Have My Brick Home Pressured Washed?
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Pressure washing a home involves using a high-powered stream of water to remove gunk and dirt. It is an excellent way to remove stubborn grime from the siding of a home. A pressure washed home looks clean and beautiful.

But the high-pressure of the water has the potential to damage fragile materials. This may leave you wondering if it is safe to have your brick home pressure washed. In the following post, we will examine whether pressure washing is a safe method to use when cleaning brick homes.

The Risks of Pressure Washing a Brick Home

Can a brick home be pressure washed? The short answer is yes. A professional with experience can safely pressure wash a brick home. 

When done inappropriately, pressure washing can damage brick in the following ways:

  • Removal of natural waterproofing
  • Chipping, cracking, and damaging individual bricks
  • Breaking and removing mortar
  • Blowing water into the wall, causing mold to grow

Over-washing a brick home can cause saturation of the wall. This can damage waterproofing and lead to further problems. 

The brick on older homes may be fragile and susceptible to damage from high water pressure. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional when you want your brick home to be pressure washed.

How To Properly Pressure Wash a Brick Home

Experienced specialists, like those at Chesapeake Property Services, will take a number of steps to ensure that your brick home is washed with minimal risk.  

Pressure Level

Finding the right amount of water pressure is very important when washing brick. The pressure should be strong enough to remove grime but not so strong that it will damage the brick and mortar. 

Mortar Updates

Older mortar that is already damaged should be repointed before your home is pressure washed. If water seeps through cracks in the mortar, it can lead to mold and other structural problems.

Pre-Saturating Bricks

In order to prevent a permanent discoloration of your bricks, they should be fully saturated with water before being washed with soap.

A professional service provider, like Chesapeake Property Services, will use appropriate nozzles, water pressure, and soaps to keep your bricks safe. When you need your brick home pressure washed, contact a pressure washing specialist right away!