Spring Cleaning: Why You Should Schedule Air Duct Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning: Why You Should Schedule Air Duct Cleaning!

Indoor air pollution is rapidly becoming an issue for many households. There are many products aimed at purifying air quality, but before you consider investing in one of those solutions, you want to make sure that your air ducts are properly cleaned.

This is a relatively simple process that, when done regularly, can be all you need to ensure that your home is cycling through the cleanest air possible, and spring is the perfect time to buckle down and get it done!

Why You Need To Clean

After months of heating or cooling your home, your air duct collects all of the particles that swirl through your home day after day. This means pollen, dander, dust, and more. And since air ducts are a sealed system, these toxic particles are forced to circulate back through the home.

Contaminants like these can make breathing harder for people with allergies or certain asthmatic illnesses. And if you have the flu or cold, excess unhealthy particles can worsen the symptoms you’re already trying to treat.

By cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis, you’re eliminating the toxicity that your air system can’t and doing everyone that comes into your house a favor as soon as they walk through your doorway.

Cleaning in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to schedule an air duct cleaning. It’s that brief gap when you’ve stopped needing to heat your home and before you have to cool it. The windows and doors are open, which means your air ducts have a much-needed break.

You definitely want to get your ducts cleaned before the heat picks up, and when humidity builds up in your system, it could turn collected dust into mold, which will only create a bigger problem for your household.

So when you start to notice those spring blossoms, open up the house and let in the air while a licensed professional does the work needed to make sure you have the cleanest, safest air in your home.