How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

Indoor air quality is important year-round, but it’s especially critical in the winter when most people spend more time indoors.

Poor indoor air quality can have significant impacts on health. What’s worse, it can be difficult to detect. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality this winter.

Change Your Air Filter

Air filters are your first line of defense against unwanted substances in your home’s air. Clogged air filters don’t do what they’re supposed to and can compromise indoor air quality.

Air filters generally need to be changed every one to four months. A number of factors can impact how often you need to change them, including:

  • How many people live in the home
  • Whether there are pets present
  • How often your HVAC system is running
  • Whether anyone in the household has allergies

If you aren’t sure when to change your air filter, consult a professional.

Clean Your Air Ducts

One of the top sources of indoor air contamination is dirty air ducts. If you can’t remember the last time you had your ducts professionally cleaned, you’re likely overdue for a thorough cleaning.

A professional can access your entire duct system and use safe cleaning products to