Can Brick Be Pressure Washed?

Can Brick Be Pressure Washed?

Brick is popular in home construction for more reasons than “aesthetic value.” While brick is beautiful, it’s also durable. Properly cared for, brick can last a century or more! 

But sturdy as brick is, it’s not as hard as concrete. Once your brick gets dirty, mossy, or discolored, you can’t wash it the same as you would a more robust material. So if you want to clean it quickly and thoroughly, can you power wash the brick?

Safe Brick Power Washing

Thankfully, it is possible to use a power washer to bring back your gorgeous brick exterior. You just have to do it carefully.

  • Use Low Pressure

While you can blast away at pavement all you like, brick takes finesse. Stick to 800 PSI or less.

  • Rely on Chemicals for Algae or Mold

Rather than spraying the algae and mold off your brick with sheer force, you should instead start by gently scrubbing with chlorine bleach and water. This part should be handled by a professional.

  • Repair Cracks First

The power of a pressure washer, even at lower PSI, is enough to tear apart compromised mortar and push moisture inside the walls. Repair the cracks with new mortar first. Wait one week for the mortar to settle and harden before washing.

  • Soak Before Detergent

Get your brick wet as a preparatory measure, then add the detergent and spray. It will take up to 10 minutes of spraying for the detergent to clean. You can use a brush for tougher stains.

  • Rinse, Dry, Seal

After the detergent has soaked in, it’s time to rinse with low pressure (again, about 800 PSI). Remember to move the wand in circular motions, so you don’t stay in one spot. After the brick has dried, apply a sealant to preserve your bricks and mortar.

Trust Chesapeake Property Services to Beautify Your Brick!

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