Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Summer has officially arrived. It seems just about everywhere you look on the map; temperatures are soaring. While your home is designed to be an oasis of comfort, elevated summer temperatures can make it tricky to stay cool. The following are a few tips for bringing the interior temperature down and finding a refreshing moment indoors.

Adjust Your Fans

Fans are an important home cooling feature to have in the summer. However, the direction they run in is often overlooked. When you’re hoping to cool a room more efficiently, ensure that your fans are running counter-clockwise.

This direction pushes cool air directly down instead of pulling it up towards the ceiling. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a fan on a high setting when temperatures rise, either!

Keep Blinds Closed

While many people assume that noon brings the most intense heat, the hottest time of the day tends to be around 3:00 pm. That’s the perfect time to begin pulling down shades that face the sun when you want to keep your house cool. Black-out curtains can make the cooling effect even more successful.

Look for Gaps Around Your Doors

Many homeowners take a close look at windows when summer rolls around to make sure there aren’t any airflow gaps. However, checking your doors for places where cool air may be escaping is just as important. 

If you come across gaps between the wall and door, a simple silicone caulk will generally work to keep all of that cold air indoors.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Having a professional come out to clean your air ducts before summer hits is a good idea. This simple step can help to improve the overall efficiency of your cooling system. It’s also an effective way to rid your home’s air of problematic particles for those hot days you’ll be spending inside.

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