Why Spring Is an Ideal Time to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

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Annual duct cleaning should be a part of every HVAC maintenance plan, as it can affect your energy efficiency, health, and equipment longevity. While you’ll only need to schedule this service once a year, the timing is important. There are several good reasons why spring is the ideal season for duct maintenance.

Give Your HVAC System a Boost

Your HVAC system will need an inspection and tune-up on a semi-annual basis. Routine maintenance is critical for reversing wear and tear damage and improving the quality of your treated air.

By scheduling duct cleaning when your HVAC tune-up is due, you’ll remove more dust and debris, which will keep them from affecting your system’s operation.

Do More to Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are several steps you can take to improve indoor air quality, but dirty ducts can sabotage your efforts.

After using your heating system consistently for several months, dust, debris, and other undesirable substances will likely have accumulated in your ducts. Cleaning your ducts gets rid of these contaminants before your cooling system pushes them out into your living spaces.

Make Mold Unwelcome in Your Home

The dust and debris in your air ducts can collect moisture as the temperature changes with the seasons. Higher humidity in the home will make this situation worse, potentially encouraging mold growth on organic debris.

When you schedule professional duct cleaning to remove debris containing mold spores, you’ll eliminate one of the three elements needed for mold to thrive and grow inside your house.

We Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Along with air duct cleaning, the experienced team at Chesapeake Property Services offers pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning, and exterior gutter care services. To get the home maintenance assistance you need, contact us online or call (410) 661-4235 to schedule service.