Prevent Slipping Hazards by Maintaining Clean Outdoor Surfaces

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New weather presents new hazards. Here’s what you could be up against if you don’t keep your surfaces clean this winter.

Snowy, Slippery Surfaces Everywhere

Snow and ice make any surface a slipping hazard in the winter months. Even after using salt or de-icing agents to keep these areas safe, it’s still important to remain cautious. Keeping walking areas free of ice and snow is crucial in ensuring a slip-free surface.

Frozen Debris

Twigs and debris snap to the ground at the first sight of frost. The debris can get slick from the wet frost, making it slipperier than you realize. That’s why keeping surfaces clean in the winter is so important, even if snow hasn’t fallen yet.

Algae Growth

Did you know that algae still grows in the dead of winter? Algae can make surfaces very hard to grip, and is more challenging to notice than debris, ice, or snow. A cleaner surface won’t encourage algae or mold growth, so it’s automatically a safer space for walking.

Keep Your Spaces Clean With Chesapeake Property Services

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